In our consumer society, the leather industry is a fragile world confronted with environmental challenges. Taking into account that wastes from splitting machine are huge in the leather fabrication, and that most of the time this leather remains unusable due to the thickness of the skin slice, which can rip easily. We can, sometimes use it as a stiffener, but otherwise it’s unusable. Nevertheless, on a larger scale, the industrial one, leather waste can be used to recreate a soft material, made of synthetic mixture and mixed leather.

    By reusing only leftovers from artisans’ production, and creating my own collagen glue, it would be a way to support and offer new perspectives which could be implemented into leather production. This could potentially slow down industrial production. As such production maintains an unstable situation, where consumption of resources, such as water or pastureland are way too important. I aimed to highlight local and handmade leather goods, to support handwork, slow production, and aim to achieve a zero-waste production. 

Graduation project exposed during Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven, 22/30 october 2022

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