Preserving memories, by reusing objects and materials that lose their initial functions, and became a witness of a lifetime.

Present in our attics, garage; or exposed on shelves these objects are demonstrating a personal and emotional relationship to our memories.

As memory isn’t fixed, I aimed to translate transmission through a wall covering, made only of one person’s objects and materials.

These stories and objects become visual narrative that we can contemplate and relate to someone, an emotional footprint that a person left behind him.


    This project is the result of a melancholic perception of home textile(s), of their history, and the memories that we have linked to our private spaces.

By transforming these personal home textiles into wearable heritage I aim to give them a new purpose.

Each mark of times, considered as default are repaired by using several textile technics such as dying, embroidery, silkscreen... the representation of it would translate and highlight a personal memory, to keep the intimate feeling that we have with the textile. All of this creates the uniqueness of the end product and tends to give a potential answer to reconsider fashion by considering emotional and personal meanings translated into a product.

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